The Curriculum Vitae provides an extensive list of my language, art, teaching, and administrative experience. For a condensed list of naming-related and language experience, click on Resume.

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R I C H A R D   E.   L O R A N G E R

C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E


M.F.A., Creative Writing of Poetry, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, 2001

B.A., English Language and Literature, University of Michigan, Honors College, Ann Arbor, 1983

N A M I N G – R E L A T E D   P R O F E S S I O N A L   E X P E R I E N C E

2007-      Creative Namer / Verbal Branding and Nomenclature Consultant

Creative consultant specializing in name creation for products and businesses.  Generally contract freelance to naming and branding agencies for production of nomenclature and corporate identity solutions.  Began in October, 2007, and have completed over eight hundred fifty assignments in just over ten years.  Also available for taglines, messaging, other verbal branding solutions, as well as copywriting, editing, and proofing.   More information upon request.

2004-07   Director, Writing Across the Curriculum, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Director of interdisciplinary program focusing both on pedagogical development for faculty and direct work with students. Duties include developing and organizing faculty and student workshops aimed at increasing writing skills and the teaching of writing skills institute-wide, developing events to encourage interdisciplinary work and to promote recognition of faculty publications, creating budgets, producing pr, and interfacing with all departments.

1999-07   Adjunct Assistant Professor and Lecturer, Pratt Institute, Rutgers University, Brooklyn College, York College, City College of New York, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Teacher of creative writing, literature, rhetoric, critical thinking, and expository composition at various colleges in New York City and New Jersey.   Course levels included precollege, ESL, undergraduate, and graduate.

2005-06   Development Director, Bowery Arts and Science, Ltd., New York, NY.

Development director and grant writer for non-profit organization devoted to broadening exposure to and appreciation of poetry locally, nationally, and internationally through a variety of programs and media.

2002-04   Language Tutor, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

Part time tutor of English composition, reading, and conversation, working primarily with ESL students. Special position tutoring two classes of ESL composition in Spring 2003.

2000-02   Item Writer and Editor, CTB/McGraw-Hill (Kelly Services), New York, NY.

Part time editor, writer and developer of items for standardized testing. Items test a broad range of skills in grammar, reading, and composition for grades 3-12.

1998-99   Assistant Office Manager/Marketing Assistant, Microsoft, Inc. (Kelly Services), New York.

Broad range of tasks for Microsoft website ( and NY/NJ Marketing Teams, including organizational assistant for four seminar series; Small Business Alliance contact; business writing, development and writing of administrative manual, copy editing, graphic design; personnel operations; internal/external procurement, accounts payable, expense reports, shipping and receiving, office machine maintenance, reception, and general support.

T E A C H I N G   E X P E R I E N C E

2006-07 Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

2001-07 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

2001-03 York College, Queens, NY

2002 City College of New York

1999-2002 Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

2001 Borough of Manhattan Community College

C O U R S E S   D E S I G N E D

Department of Writing, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, 2006 – 07

  • Creative Writing

Department of English and Humanities, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, 2001 – 07

  • Introduction to Foundation Creative Writing (Precollege)
  • Introduction to Creative Writing (Precollege)
  • Introduction to Literature and Critical Theory I
  • Introduction to Literature and Critical Theory II
  • Writing Lab / Form and Culture (School of Architecture)

School of Education, City College of New York, 2002

  • American Literature (graduate)

Department of English, Brooklyn College, 1999 – 2002

  • Landmarks of Literature
  • Expository Composition 2
  • Expository Composition 1
  • Remedial Composition

P U B L I C A T I O N S — P O E T R Y


Sudden Windows. 86 pp. Berkeley, CA: Zeitgeist Press, 2016.

Poems for Teeth. 224 pp. Allamuchy, NJ: We Press, 2005.

The Orange Book. 64 pp. Boulder, CO: The International Review Press, 1990.


6 Questions.  New York, NY:  Exot Press, 2013.  6 poems.

The Day Was Warm and Blue. 2002. 28 poems.

Hello. Allamuchy, NJ: We Press, 2001. 67 poems.

Influx Blinklists. Allamuchy, NJ: We Press, 1990.

Haiku From Hell. 1989. 17 haiku.

Poetry Is A Form Of Light. San Francisco, CA: Clamor Press, 1985 (reissue of 100, 1986).


Poems published in over 90 magazines and journals, including London Grip, Marsh Hawk Review, Correspondence, CLN WR, Barrow Street, Long Shot, Newark Review, Brooklyn Review, Hanging Loose, Prosodia, The Galley Sail Review, Poetry San Francisco, we magazine, Big Scream, Omnivore, and W’orcs. As well as printed magazines, this list includes several online publications, two CDs, two audiocassettes, and one videozine. Complete list available.


Work in twenty-four anthologies, including the following.

The Careless Embrace of the Boneshaker.  New York, NY: great weather for MEDIA Press, 2016.

 I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand. New York, NY: great weather for MEDIA Press, 2014.

It’s Animal but Merciful.  New York, NY: great weather for MEDIA Press, 2012. 

hell strung and crooked.  New York, NY: Uphook Press, 2010. 

Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts: Anthology 1 & 3.  San Francisco, CA, 2009.

You Say. Say.  New York, NY: Uphook Press, 2009.

The Portable Boog Reader. New York, NY: Boog Literature, 2000.

Collected Conscience. Austin, TX: Austin International Poetry Festival, 1997.

Poesia Y Calle. Austin, TX: Mexic-Arte, 1996.

Revival: Spoken Word From Lollapalooza. San Francisco, CA: Manic-D Press, 1994.

Beyond Definition: New Writing from Gay and Lesbian San Francisco. San Francisco, CA: Manic-D Press, 1994.

Exit Zero. Boulder, CO: c/o S.U.E.I., Naropa Institute, 1990.

Greatest Hits. San Francisco, CA: Manic-D Press, 1989.

Practising Angels. San Francisco, CA: Seismograph Publications, 1986.

P U B L I C A T I O N S — C R E A T I V E   N O N F I C T I O N


Mythkiller #3: The Purpose of Rash Action. Santa Cruz, CA: We Press, 1994. Chapbook monolog.

Mythkiller #2: My First Disillusionment. Santa Cruz, CA: We Press, 1994. Chapbook monolog.

Mythkiller #1: A Modest Proposal. Santa Cruz, CA: We Press, 1994. Chapbook monolog.


Reading tour blog, “Seattle, Breadlines, and Words Birthing Words.”  great weather for MEDIA,, November 24, 2013.

Reading tour blog, “Berkeley Art House and the Time Machine of Falling Leaves.”  great weather for MEDIA,, November 16, 2013.

Reading tour blog, “Beyond Baroque and the Angels.”  great weather for MEDIA,, November 12, 2013.

Reading tour blog, “Stories Bookstore & Cafe, Echo Park, Los Angeles.”  great weather for MEDIA,, November 9, 2013.

Interview, “Necessity, Survival, and Sideways Thinking: An Interview with Julia Vinograd.”  great weather for MEDIA,, October 29, 2013.

Interview with Jane Ormerod, “Mammals and Matter and Mud. (Oh My!) A One Question Interview with Richard Loranger.”  great weather for MEDIA,, April 17, 2012.

Book review, The Real Enough World by Karen Brennan. Barrow Street, New York, NY, Winter 2006.

Book review, Wake-Up Calls: 66 Morning Poems by Wanda Phipps. Interim, Las Vegas, NV, Summer 2006.

Book review, Lit Interim by Christopher Arigo. Barrow Street, New York, NY, Summer 2005.

“Report On Survival Research Laboratories, 3/28/97.” Boulder, CO:, 1997.

Excerpt from “The Purpose of Rash Action.” Samurai Poets, No. 2, Austin, TX., 1995.

“a roll of drums.” we magazine, No. 14, Santa Cruz, CA, 1991. Creative nonfiction.

“Report on Zuzu’s Petals Art Gang,” “Report From Colorado,” and “Nightclub Rant.” Homocore, No. 7, San Francisco, CA, 1991. Creative nonfiction.

“Beyond The Rice Paper Curtain” and “Ginsberg on Censorship.” Texture, No. 9, Boulder, CO, 1990.

“Letter to John.” Homocore, No. 1, San Francisco, CA, 1988. Creative nonfiction.

“Tribute to Robert Duncan.” Poetry Flash, Berkeley, CA, August 1988.

E D I T O R I A L   &   S M A L L   P R E S S   E X P E R I E N C E

2013  Editor, She Is Fighting Love: Selections from the Chapbooks of Joie Cook and Joie in Chaps: The Collected Chapbooks of Joie Cook.  Las Vegas, NV: Zeitgeist Press, 2013.

2013  Fiction Editor, The Understanding Between Foxes and Light
Guest editor for annual literary anthology.  New York, NY: great weather for MEDIA.

2012  Editor, Take Me to the Porch:  Selected Writings of Peter Kadyk
Memorial collection by artist Peter Kadyk.  Editing, proofreading, electronic layout and design.  34 pp.  San Francisco:  2012.

2001  Editor-in-Chief, Brooklyn Review 18
Annual literary journal. Coordination, administration, editing, proofreading, and electronic layout and design. 220 pp. Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Review, 2001.

2000  Associate editor, Brooklyn Review 17
Annual literary journal. Editing and proofreading. 164 pp. Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Review, 2000.

2000  Copy Editor, The Innovation Works, Brooklyn, NY
Freelance copy editing and proofreading for marketing materials firm.

1995  Co-editor, Live at Mexic-arte
Video from the Austin International Poetry Festival 1995. Aesthetic and hands-on editing.
60 minutes. Austin, TX: AIPF, 1995.

1993  Co-editor, we 18
Poetry and music video issue of we magazine. Aesthetic editing and organizational support.
100 minutes. Santa Cruz, CA: We Press, 1994.

1991-92  Coordinator, The International Review Press, Boulder, CO, and San Francisco
I took charge of this press, which had published my book (The Orange Book) as well as a magazine and several chapbooks, for a year while the publisher was abroad. Duties included sending review copies, fielding all correspondence, exchanging publications with other presses, tracking consignments in approximately 20 bookstores nationwide, and bookkeeping.

1990-91  Poetry editor, Texture, Boulder, CO.
A quarterly arts and culture magazine. Duties included poetry selection, proofreading, paste-up, and support.

N O N – C R E D I T   B E A R I N G   W O R K S H O P S   T A U G H T

2013-16  Multiple workshops and panels per year, San Francisco Writers Conference
Complete list available.

2012  “Getting Started Writing Stories,” Oakland, CA
Community writing workshop for New Hall, a non-profit arts org.

2003-7  Day of the Poet, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY
Designed for Brooklyn college’s annual day-long creative writing seminar, this workshop exposed high school students to a variety of creative techniques and fundamental poetics.

2005  “Writing (on the) Outside of the Box,” Worcester, MA
Designed for the Worcester Poetry Project, this three hour workshop explored writing off the page, writing on objects, writing as object, and in situ writing, both in terms of practice and ramification.

2001-3  University Skills Immersion Program (USIP), York College, Queens, NY
Intensive week-long composition workshops designed to help incoming students pass the ACT Writing Test.

2002  Write-a-Thon, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Designed in conjunction with Pratt Institute’s annual Draw-a-Thon, this workshop exposed BFA creative writing students to habit breaking exercises involving multi-media and experimental methods of generating text. Running four hours, this workshop functioned as a prototype for development of a twelve-hour workshop to coincide with the Draw-a-Thon the following year.

1995  “Magic Spells and Dictionaries: Decisive Editing,” Austin, TX
Designed for the 1995 Austin International Poetry Festival, this two hour workshop expounded my philosophy of editing poetry through etymology, tersification, and decisive word placement for precise effect.

1992  No Bullshit Writing Workshop, San Francisco, CA
Designed as a six week session covering specific topics and exercises, this weekly workshop lasted three months at participants’ requests. Sessions were three hours, initially designed to be half lecture and half interpersonal critique. Lectures covered etymology and broad dictionary reading, poetic forms and structures, and a (brief) survey of English language poetry. The workshop segued into in deep critique, various experimental forms, and extensive aesthetic discussion.

G U E S T   L E C T U R E S

8-17  “Shifting Media,” Artist Retrospective Talk Series, Workroom Artist Program, Oakland, CA.

4-12 “Raveling and Unraveling Genre,” Pratt Institute, English 103; instructor Evan Rehill.

7-06 “Creating Poems for Teeth: Series as Form,” Pratt Institute, Creative Writing; instructor Peter Covino.

4-06 “Creating Poems for Teeth: Series as Form,” Brooklyn College, MFA Writing Seminar; instructor L. S. Asekoff.

5-03 “Breaking Habits,” Pratt Institute, Creative Writing; instructor Kristin Prevallet.

4-02 “How to Recite Your Poetry,” Brooklyn Library, Eastern Parkway Branch, Adult Literacy Program.
A presentation for adults who are preparing to read their first writing in English in a public forum.

6-01 “Speaking as a Poet,” Brooklyn College, Landmarks of Literature; instructor Jack Shuler.
An introductory lecture on 20th Century poetry, with reading and Q&A regarding the experience of being a working poet at the present time.

4-99 “Why Write Poetry,” Brooklyn College, Introduction to Creative Writing; instructor Erika Spiewak.
An introductory lecture on writing poetry from a poet’s perspective.

4-99 “Formalism Can Be Fun,” Pratt Institute, Introduction to Poetry; instructor Marcella Harb.
An introductory lecture on the elements and history of English formalist poetry, stressing the current uses of poetic form.

1-97 “Do-It-Yourself Performance,” University of Texas, Performance Art; instructor Linda Montano.
A group lecture and performance by the Performance Art Church (see Additional Performance Experience) on how we made a performance troupe from scratch.

3-94 “The Munificence of Darkness,” SUNY Albany, Reading Poetry; instructor Christopher Funkhouser.
Lecture and reading exploring an approach to Poetry of Witness (re: war, adversity, oppression, etc.), in which the reader takes emotional distance from the subject matter to glean a further perspective.

F E A T U R E D   R E A D I N G S

Extensive reading experience. Since 1980, I have done over 400 featured poetry readings in over 200 venues across the United States, extensively in New York, San Francisco, Boulder CO, and Austin TX, as well as Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Cambridge MA, Denver, Berkeley CA, Detroit, and Ann Arbor MI, among other cities.

Types of venues range from academic to libraries to regular poetry venues to rock music shows, including touring poet with Lollapalooza Festival 1994.

I have co-featured with Anne Waldman, Hakim Bey, Jim Carroll, John Giorno, Eileen Myles, Maggie Estep, Francisco X. Alarcón, James Broughton, Frank Moore, Anselm Hollo, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Bloodtest, and The Last Poets, among others; and have shared a stage with rock bands Fugazi, The Dead Milkmen, X, Big Black, and Sister Double Happiness (not including Lollapalooza bands). I have MC’d at least 35 of these shows, and done booking and pr as well (see Additional Arts Organization). Complete list available.

A D D I T I O N A L   P E F O R M A N C E   E X P E R I E N C E

2007-08     CONSPIRACY OF BEARDS, San Francisco, CA

Baritone in an all-male a cappella choir singing choral arrangements of the songs of Leonard Cohen.

2004           BRICstudio, Brooklyn, NY

Performance piece “T.C.S.” in theater festival organized by Brooklyn Information & Culture (BRIC). Curated by Susan Melinda Dunlap.

1995-2000  PERFORMANCE ART CHURCH, Austin, TX and New York, NY

Wrote, designed, and performed nine performance art pieces 10-15 minutes in length, mostly text oriented, and one 3 hour ritual performance with no text. Scripted a 45 minute holiday play for the Austin State Hospital. Designed and hosted one variety show, a surreal revu entitled “Hello, Dali!”; writing included 11 one to five minute hosting pieces, and design included five surreal food courses served to the audience, and a giant eyeball piñata. Additional duties with the group include stage managing, booking, pr, videography, and set and costume design.

1990-97     THELEMONADE, Santa Cruz, CA

Occasional lyricist, poet, and musician in Thelemonade, an eclectic bi-coastal music and poetry band whose widespread personnel have included Allen Ginsberg, Steven Taylor, Francisco X. Alarcón, and members of The Fugs, Camper Van Beethoven, and Bloodtest.

1990-91     ZUZU’S PETALS ART GANG, Boulder, CO

Designed, directed, and hosted two shows by Zuzu’s Petals in the BACstairs Performance Series (6/90 and 7/91), which included spoken word, dance, deconstructionist rituals, and extreme audience interaction. Zuzu’s Petals was primarily a guerilla sculpture group, through which I was also involved in five large outdoor public sculptures. Documentary video available upon request.

1989           THE HIGH RISK GROUP, San Francisco, CA

Studied and performed with militant gay-oriented postmodern dance/performance group, including 17 shows in S.F. Bay Area from 2-89 through 7-89. Performances included choreographed and improvisational dance, movement, spoken word, and theater. Complete list, descriptions, and documentary video available upon request.

1987-88     BALDO REX, San Francisco, CA

Co-lyricist, bass guitar, and rhythm acoustic guitar player for rock band. Played 20 shows in S.F. Bay Area from 10-87 through 8-88. Complete list available upon request.

1988-16     OTHER PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE, San Francisco, Boulder, Austin

Collaborated and performed in eight other artists’ pieces in various capacities, including self-composed poetry and spoken word, improv and scripted theatre, choreographed and improv dance and movement, guest vocals for a 300-decibel noise band (Gas Pedal, Austin TX), and involvement in an excellent improvisational a cappella choir (The Willing Lung, Austin TX). Complete list, descriptions, and some documentary print and video available upon request.

G R A N T S   &   A W A R D S

2005 – 06 Mellon Creative Project Grants, Pratt Institute

2005 – 06 Mellon Travel Grants, Pratt Institute

2001 Mintz Scholastic Achievement Award, Brooklyn College

2001 Dean’s List, Brooklyn College

1979-82 Hopwood Writing Awards, University of Michigan:

1982 — Minor Drama
1980 — Underclassman Essay
1979 — Minor Essay, Underclassman Essay

A R T   E X H I B I T S

Since 2001, I have been showing visual art (in the form of very large visual poems called blinklists, along with other text art) as well as video work.

4/16 – 8/17        Installations:  “We Sing and Rise” and “19 Chairs”.  Nomadic Press, Oakland, CA.

4/16 – 5/16        Visual art: Parallax Poems, exhibit of various text art. Nomadic Press, Oakland, CA.

1/13 – 2/13         Visual art:  Blinklists.  The Lost Door Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

11/05 – 12/05    Visual art:  Blinklists.  Worcester Poetry Project, Worcester, MA.

3/05 – 4/05        Visual art:  “stay hungry”.  Built Gallery, New York, NY.

11/04 – 12/04    Visual art:  “slide away blithe remix bloom”.  Ex Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

4/03 – ongoing  Visual art:  Blinklists.  Writing Center Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn,NY.

9/02                    Visual art:  “for the love of god”.  Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY.

6/02 – 8/02        Visual art:  “gorge us in lavic knowing”.  Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY.

4/02                   Visual art:  Blinklists.  Video:  Two Hands.  St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY.

9/01                   Video:  Driving.  Flux House Cabaret,Brooklyn,NY.

7/01                   Visual art:  Blinklists.  Video:  Driving and Two Hands.  Valencia Street Studios, San Francisco, CA.

7/01                   Visual art:  Blinklists.  Chez Luis Gallery, Chicago, IL.

3/01 – 4/01        Visual art:  Blinklists.  People’s Poetry Gathering, Cooper Union, New York, NY.

A R T   C O M M I S S I O N S

6/07 One 30” x 40” blinklist, personal commission, Randy Donowitz (Brooklyn, NY).

8/03 One 20” x 30” blinklist, personal commission, Margaret Mannion (San Francisco, CA).

4/02 Two 10’ x 10’ blinklists commissioned by Abby Crain as backdrop for dance piece “RE” (New York).

A D D I T I O N A L   A R T S   O R G A N I Z A T I O N

2015-           Co-curator, Babar in Exile, The Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland, CA.
Initiated and developed a multi-generational reading series along with poet Paul Corman-Roberts.

2016             Guest Curator, Nomadic Press, various venues, Oakland, CA.
Handled curating, booking, pr, and hosting various readings through the month of July.

2013-15       Co-curator, Poetry Unbound, Art House Gallery, Berkeley, CA.

Initiated and developed a multi-genre reading series along with poet Clive Matson.

2006   Curator, Queer Ink, Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY.
Initiated and developed a reading series for gay poets.

2006   Curator, PrattLIT, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.
Initiated and developed a reading series for faculty of all disciplines at Pratt Institute.

2000-01   Curator, MFA Reading Series, Brooklyn College.
Initiated and developed an ongoing reading series for MFA Creative Writing students and faculty at Brooklyn College.

2000   Curator, Brooklyn Voices, Tillie’s of Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Brooklyn.
Reading series for poetry, fiction, and monolog. Featured readers included Eileen Myles, Lee Ann Brown, Sheri Holman, Colson Whitehead, John Hockenberry, Todd Colby, and Cintra Wilson. Tasks included booking, pr, and hosting.

1995-96   Board member, Austin Poets International, Inc., Austin, TX.
Austin Poets International (API) is a non-profit organization which coordinates the annual Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF), a three day event which, in 1996, hosted over 300 poets (approximately 200 Austin-area and over 100 nationwide and international).

From May 1995 through April 1996, duties included database coordinator, poets’ liason, housing coordinator, scheduling assistant, recording and sound system coordinator, press conference coordinator, registration packets, stage manager, emcee, and muralist, among other tasks. Additional documentation available upon request. Recommendation from API available upon request.

1992   Special Events Coordinator, Paradise Lounge, San Francisco.
Coordinated special events for the club’s owner. Duties included organizing, co-booking, and overseeing a weekly drag and transsexual live music series, which ran for three months; coordinating a Halloween party for the San Francisco Film Commission; and organizing and co-booking our end of a block party music festival; among other tasks.

Have co-organized two reading series: Poetry at Cafe Milano/Blake’s, Berkeley, CA, 9/87-8/89; and Chelsea Cafe readings, San Francisco, CA, 3/84-7/85. Initiated (but did not run) reading series at Cafe Babar, San Francisco, 9/86.

Additionally, I have stage managed at least 40 events (including co-managing the Poets’ Stage on Lollapalooza 94), done PR and booking for many events, and videotaped events for documentation.

A D D I T I O N A L   A C A D E M I C   S E R V I C E

2004-07  Mentor for new Freshman English Instructors, Pratt Institute.
Designed and ran two discussion groups per semester. Mentored as needed.

2005-06  Committee for Appointments, Reappointments, and Tenure (C.A.R.T.), English Department, Pratt Institute.

2005  Search Committee for Assistant Director of Intensive English Program, Pratt Institute.

2004-05  Faculty Advisor, Brooklyn Art Collective, Pratt Institute.
Student club for curating and organizing visual art shows at New York galleries.

2004-05  Discussion Leader, Strategy Forums for Freshman English Instructors, Pratt Institute.
Designed and ran discussion groups on pedagogical approaches, one per semester.

2004  Search Committee for Director of Intensive English Program, Pratt Institute.

2001-03  Participant in Pilot Program for Freshman English, Pratt Institute.
Attended regular meetings toward developing a new Freshman English curriculum.