Welcome to my site. Here’s a little about myself and my services.


I am a multi-genre writer, educator, and performer who started a freelance naming and verbal branding service in 2007. Since then I’ve been busy accruing a lot of happy clients. In nine and a half years of doing business, I’ve completed over seven hundred fifty assignments for more than one hundred twenty different naming and branding groups and several dozen direct clients. Currently I contract to produce names and taglines for new products, businesses, and services, as well as messaging and copywriting work.

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Among other things, I’ve developed names for:

• corporate & organization ids
• master brands
• products
• product lines, suites, tiers, versions, & features
• services
• service platforms, tiers, & features
• programs
• initiatives
• technologies
• conferences
• architectural structures
• residential developments

as well as:

• taglines & headlines
• brand lines & promises
• messaging & content platforms
• ad, brochure, and other copy

for over 100 industries, including:

• automotive
• business services
• cleaning products
• clothing & eyewear
• communications
• education
• elder care
• electronics
• energy
• entertainment
• finance
• food & drink
• health & beauty
• healthcare
• home design
• insurance
• lighting
• marketing
• medical
• non-profit
• office supplies
• paint
• pet care & food
• publications
• real estate & urban planning
• security
• software
• tech
• travel

Please see my Services page for a full list of capabilities.



Like to know more about me?

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Whether you’re a creative agency, a startup, or a multinational business, I can bring a fresh perspective and deliver unique, incisive solutions for your next verbal challenge. Please keep me in mind – I’m sure that you’ll be pleased with the results. Feel free to call or write with questions of any sort.

Enjoy those words!

Richard Loranger

P.S. – I am currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I am available to meet or work on site with Bay Area firms and agencies.