As a freelancer, it’s somewhat difficult to learn the outcome of many of the jobs that I do, as we’re rarely kept informed after we submit our work. I do try to keep up with as many as I can, though, and as of early 2017, I am aware of just over sixty successful naming, tagline, and verbal branding efforts. Here are just a few worth mentioning, included with permission of the agencies with whom I was collaborating.

Corelight logo


I was approached by Heirloom to help with renaming Broala, a company founded by the creators of Bro, a powerful and flexible framework for network analysis and security. Broala was transitioning from a focus on professional services and support to a product-based company, and the folks there thought it an opportune time to shift their name and branding to suggest more succinctly what their products and services provide: clear and manageable insight into everything going on inside your network. Out of many solutions, they chose Corelight, which in coordination with their new tagline “Illuminate Your Network” draws an immediate picture for potential clients. They were pleased with the result, and I’m proud to have a name out there that shines such a good light on the client. Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss my work with the folks at Heirloom.



logo - First & Main Finanacial




I was brought in by Robyn Adams of Secret Fan Base to help one of her longtime clients, Wolfers Asset Management LLC, with a renaming project. I was able to work directly with the client, Erik Wolfers, who wanted to update the messaging for the business overall, to bring across the idea of personalized service backed with a great deal of experience. It’s a small firm, so he liked the idea of a small town feel, as long as it reflected the tagline they’d already landed on, “Classic Values, Current Thinking”. The result: First & Main Financial, which covered all that and further suggested how loyal their client base is. They were pleased as punch, and I hear that the business is doing quite well under the rebrand. Feel free to ask Robyn or Erik about their experience working with me.






This project exemplified one of the more challenging facets of naming, to find a striking umbrella name for a number of different if related industries which were being united under one management and vision. Fischbein, a collection of niche leaders in food processing, packaging and material handling, approached Conjure (formerly Froeter Design) to tackle the job, and they took me on as the primary namer.  They asked that the name embody several very general (if impressive) qualities that the group felt they could claim, such as integrity, agility, reach, innovation, and commitment.  Any namer knows how tough that can be, and how many names are taken in that category.  The result turned out well, though, as Duravant, suggesting the durability of their equipment, innovation, advantage, and a little raving in the middle, was available both for trademark and as a url.  We all left the table pleased and surprised at how easily that name worked.  Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss my work with the folks at Conjure.




The folks at Pivot Design in Chicago approached me with an intriguing project:  to name a new performance series hosted by the Harris Theater and Lyric Unlimited.  The monthly series was to feature starring members of the Lyric Opera of Chicago, performing non-opera pieces of their choice.  The client wanted the name to stress that message, of opera singers performing other genres, in a lyrical construction if possible.  The result chosen was Beyond the Aria, which beat out over 150 other names to exemplify those criteria.  Beyond the Aria goes into production of its first season in October, 2014.  Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss my work with the folks at Pivot Design.


 AuriQ logo 4Essentia



Here was a challenge: to come up with a name for a new tech that processes and analyzes big log data much faster and more efficiently than anything to date. I tackled the project with Bay Creative for AuriQ, the brains behind the innovation. The puzzle: to craft a word that embodies those qualities, and the tech’s ability to distill a large mass of information to a variety of intelligent and relevant points. The solution: Essentia, which evokes essence, essentialness, and sentience in a clipped, efficient coin. Both AuriQ and we were pleased with the results. Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss my work with the folks at Bay Creative.





I was asked by Shala Graham of SW Creatives to work on a very personal project, the name for a new creative shared work space in the DC area.  This space was new not just in terms of about-to-be-built, but also as a new construct and coworking environment for creative professionals.  From a set of about 100 names, Shala and team chose Creative Colony as most representative of their vision.  It’s a really interesting space, about which you can learn more by clicking on the name.  Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss my work with Shala.






I was approached by The RussellMark Group to create a name for a new line of frozen chicken and poultry products.  The name needed to convey the joy of a good, home-cooked family meal, and appeal to a wide range of cultures in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.  The result: Savoro, with which the client is very enthused. As of January, 2014, the name has just been approved for trademark and does not yet have a logo.  Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss my work with the folks at The RussellMark Group.



I partnered with Think Nocturnal to develop the name for a new management consultancy, started by a retired CEO. He wanted a name which conveys his experience level, and more specifically his ability to help every aspect of a client’s business work together most efficiently. I wrote about 150 names for the project, and the one that he chose was Synchrony (which is being used as Synchrony Advisors). Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss my work with the folks at Think Nocturnal.



I helmed an extensive renaming job for Marin Abused Women’s Services (MAWS), out of San Rafael, CA. This was a pro-bono project through Taproot Foundation, an organization which grants branding and similar services to non-profits. In this case, I worked with a team which included a project manager, branding strategist, marketing strategist, and several graphic designers. Working closely with the branding strategist, I directed, organized, and co-presented four rounds of names. This job included filtering upwards of 800 names, several hundred of which I wrote myself, and re-strategizing after each presentation. Ultimately the client decided on the name Center for Domestic Peace, which I had written, and which has since been implemented.  Please write me for a contact if you would like to discuss this work with the Taproot project manager.





I helmed a job for Wholegrain Digital in the U.K. which resulted in a terrific name being chosen.  The job was for Tiens, a Chinese corporation who wanted a name for a new chain of clothing stores to be built across Asia and Eastern Europe.  Primarily they wanted the name to sound like a traditional British clothier.  We developed several hundred choices which went in various directions, the best of which being paired surnames which contained additional appropriate meanings.  The name they chose was Finch & Foster, which I had written.  The name has not yet gone into use, and I’m not sure where in the process it is.  I helmed three jobs for Wholegrain over the course of a couple of years, and had a great time working with them.  Please write me for a contact if you would like to chat with them about their experience working with me.




I’ve had a name chosen for a green condominium complex to be built in Huntington Beach, CA, over the next few years. I completed this assignment for Eric Yingling at Reason, LLC.  The name: Harmony Cove, which as of January, 2014 is in the selling stage.  Let me know if you’d like to contact Eric, to learn more about the job or about his experience working with me.