If you have worked with freelance namers and business writers in the past, you know that we are extremely confidential about the work that we provide for you. As well we often sign Non-Disclosure and Intellectual Property Agreements, which prohibit discussing or passing our work on to others. This primarily functions to provide a strong and trustworthy foundation for business, but it also makes it difficult for us to show the work that we have done.

If you would like to see examples of my naming, tagline, copywriting, or messaging deliverables, I’d be happy to send along a few samples, so that you can get an idea of the type of work that I can produce for you. The samples would include a summary of the assignments and the primary criteria or naming paths that I utilized, but would be stripped of any references to specific clients or companies. At least one would be an assignment of my own design, rather than an actual job. As well I would ask you to agree to delete the email containing the samples after view, without printing or saving.

You will have to pardon my caution in this, though I think you will see that it is all in the name of good business. And the samples will, of course, give you a good idea of my style and at least some range of solutions. I can also provide a list of references who are familiar with my process, language skills, and work ethic.

Please contact me to inquire, and if you do note agreement to delete the samples, please indicate what type of work you’d like to see.