My rates vary to fit each specific assignment and project accordingly.

For name and tagline development, I typically contract with creative agencies to produce rounds of 100-150 unscreened names or tags, at one round per day.  If needed, I can also negotiate to produce a smaller round.

Direct clients in need of name or tagline development might require a full naming process, or an integrated series of services to arrive at the best possible solution.

For all other services, including messaging, copywriting, editing, and proofreading, as well as name and tagline development if preferred, I work at an hourly rate.

For projects requiring multiple services, I can provide an estimate with a fee cap, or offer an umbrella rate to cover everything in one fee.

Most importantly, I am happy to work with you to provide a service that fits your project budget.

Please contact me to discuss, or to request a current rate sheet.